White Sage & Yerba Santa Wand 7"
White Sage & Yerba Santa Wand 7"

White Sage & Yerba Santa Wand 7"

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These White Sage and Yerba Santa Wands are so magical! Perfect for Clearing out Negativity with White Sage and Empowering oneself with Yerba Santa! 7 inches long 

Yerba santa is used in magic for spiritual strength and to increase psychic powers. It is really great for dispelling hostile, or negative energies in your home or any that surround you.

Sage is very strong for healing. The smoke can be used to cleanse, bless and heal a person, place or object being targeted. It is used to wash away the outside world to really penetrate the energy you are trying to heal or cleanse.

All of our herbs are sustainably harvested from trusted sources. Our sources are conscious and considerate over the well being of the planet and honor the practice of growing their herbs.


To Use:

Have your Sage Smudge stick, match or lighter, abalone shell or smudge bowl and feather (optional) ready.

Imagine a Blue or White light covered on your entire body. If it helps you to focus, Start with the top of your head and gradually move to your shoulders, your chest, your stomach legs and feet. This is your shield. When you feel ready, move to the next step.

Light the tip of your smudge sick,  and focus on your intention of this session. 

Once the smoke is rolling, "wash" the smoke with your feather or hand in a back and forth, up and down motion over the person, place or object you are targeting.

Speak your mantra.

If the smudge stick appears to need more flame, blow onto it to get it smoking again.

When you are finished, Place the smudge stick back into your shell or bowl until the smoke is completely out.