Rune Set ~ Black Agate
Rune Set ~ Black Agate
Rune Set ~ Black Agate

Rune Set ~ Black Agate

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An Enchanting set of Black Agate Runes! These are pure magic! They are used as a divination tool and have been used this way for thousands of years.

Comes in a draw string velvet pouch with 24 Black Agate Runes and a blank that can be used as a Destiny stone. An information paper of the runes meanings will be included as well.

How do you use Runes?

  • Clear your mind
  • Focus on a question you would like an answer for
  • Hold the bag of rune stones close to you, in your receptive hand
  • With the fingers of your receptive hand, mix up the stones in the bag
  • Whichever way you wish to ask the question whether it be aloud or silent, go ahead and ask
  • Draw a rune from the bag & read the symbol written on the stone
  • Find the rune located on the guide and read more..
  • If you need further clarification, draw another stone from the bag
  • If you find that you still need further clarification, ask yourself if re-shuffling and drawing a new stone would be best and think upon a way to rephrase your question