Organic St John's Wort ~ 1.5 oz
Organic St John's Wort ~ 1.5 oz
Organic St John's Wort ~ 1.5 oz

Organic St John's Wort ~ 1.5 oz

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Loose herbs can be used to create your very own herb blends, tea blends, tinctures, incense and within witchcraft for rituals, spell work and magick satchels.

You can also sprinkle some in your bath water for a nice, relaxing herbal bath.

Our stand up pouches are high quality made and will arrive sealed for freshness.

Organic St Johns Wort

Botanical name; Hypericum Perforatum 

Contains; 1.5 oz

Origin; Croatia

Magickal Properties;  Depression Relief, Anxiety Relief, Prophecy, Protection and Banishing 

All of our herbs are USDA Certified Organic and sustainably harvested from trusted sources. Our sources are conscious and considerate over the well being of the planet and honor the practice of growing their herbs.



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