108 Bloom Where Planted Mala
108 Bloom Where Planted Mala
108 Bloom Where Planted Mala

108 Bloom Where Planted Mala

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This is the Bloom Where Planted Mala. Filled with 108 Moonstone, Amazonite, Gray Agate and African Turquoise 

Finished with a metal guru bead and a Sari Silk Tassel. Sari silk is from the Fair Trade Program in India.

Malas are used by all, everywhere in the world. A Mala is usually used for affirmations, counting mantras, meditation and so on. 

African Turquoise is the stone of transformation and evolution. Some strong renewing enegy to it. Wear as jewelry, or just keep close by and you will have new possibilities and opportunities open up

Moonstone is a solid foundation stone as it helps balance vibrations within your body, and will nurture your spirit. Moonstone is a strong spiritual tool to use with meditation, reiki and just having it close by, like as jewelry.

Agate is a strong protection stone. But is also great for finding strength within as well. Known for harmonizing yin and yang energy in the physical and emotional bodies.

Amazonite is a stress relieving stone. Known for it's soothing energies, It allows an overactive mind to relax. Amazonite is also known to help one reach a decision during a conflict. A great stone to be kept by you, Wearing it as jewelry is even better.

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