Our Plan of Action for Covid-19

Hello everyone!

We hope this message finds you and your family well. We are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to stay open and process your all's orders during these times. It is just Austin and I here, so with just the two of us we're thankful for being able to keep our office and home clean and healthy for not only us, but all of you.

We love our customers and are committed to following all guidelines below to protect you and us.

1. We've become masters of keeping our hands and work station cleaned and disinfected with a sanitization station in our office and sanitizer placed throughout.

2. We've been following strict social distancing, not traveling anywhere but to and from home and office with 2 trips per week to USPS instead of the usual 4 trips. We have chosen to take nightly trips to USPS and drop off at the self serve station as oppose to going during the day. 

3. When stock is removed or added to our shelves we are sanitizing the shelf and stock.

4. We have scheduled in additional disinfecting of door knobs and light switches to twice a day.


Are you still accepting orders?

Yes. We are still open 24/7 at SacredDivination.com

Are you still shipping orders?

Yes! We are still shipping domestic and international orders.

How can I stay updated as the Covid-19 situation changes?

We will keep you all updated here as well as on our instagram. Follow us @SacredDivination for latest updates on how we are responding to Covid-19.