About us

Hey Everyone! We're Brittany and Austin :)
We are the owners here at Sacred Divination.
We officially opened in October of 2016 to share our love of crystals and minerals with the world. Four years later we have grown into so much more!

We are so grateful for all of the amazing opportunities we have had to incorporate sustainably harvested and organic herbs, unique home décor, crystal jewelry, organic handcrafted teas and tons of witchcraft essentials into our company.
Our goal from the start has been to connect each of you with the highest quality and highest vibrational supplies to assist you along your journey. Whether you connect most with crystals, cauldrons or herbs... we want to be the ones that you trust! Which is why we have made it our top priority to source only ethically produced and mined products, ensuring the energetic integrity of each item in our shop. Upon opening, we spent an immense amount of time finding and connecting to our sources that we now have today. We work with a handful of small owned mines around the world, mostly located in South Africa, Madagascar and Brazil. Each of our suppliers practice ethically, earth conscious and small impact mining practices - which is exactly why they fit in so perfectly with us. Over the years our suppliers have become good friends and it brings us endless joy knowing we are able to support such amazing, respectful and hardworking people around the world.
We wake up Thankful each day to work our passions into existence with Sacred Divination. We have grown bigger than our wildest dreams... and it's only getting started!
Thank you to all of our amazing supporters, inspiring customers and friends that we have met along the way. All of the Love and support is our motivation to continue what we do.
So Much Love,
- Brit and Austin
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