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Hi Everyone! My name is Brittany, I am Co-owner of SacredDivination. I pour my heart and soul into our little business. For me, It's revolutionary. To be able to provide you all with spiritual healing through the crystals I handpick, and creations I hand make.
When our Shop first opened on etsy in October of 2014, It wasn't hard for me to find the little things nature has to offer to keep me motivated and artisically flowing.
I've been in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky for the past ten years. It's helped shape me into the person I am today. No matter where my feet make take me, the large, tree filled mountains and rolling hills will always remain a huge inspiration to me.
My wonderful fiance' Austin & I have two furry baby boys. Moki & Bodhi! They always love to help us by being photo graphed with the crystals lol!
This is part of my Life Purpose. I am here to help you achieve your greatest version, restore love and community back to our Mother Gaia.
Hey Guys! I'm Austin, Co Founder of SacredDivination.
Since childhood, I have been told by many that I was a natural born healer. The idea always intrigued me. At the age of fourteen, with the help of the internet and books, I really started to delve into the World of Spirituality. Little did I know in those younger years, this would become my Life Purpose.
I met Brittany in May of 2013, I knew immediality that this would be the woman I was going to spend my life with. Our common interests, curiosities, love for Mother Earth, and creative Libra souls are what ignited SacredDivination.
My Life Purpose is to help heal Earth and her people, and that is exactly what I plan to do.
Thank you to all the beautiful souls we've met along the way. All of the Love and Support is our motivation to continue what we do. Knowing that we have such an amazing support team, and we're Standing Strong Together, well, we couldn't ask for much more.
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