Want a FREE Silversmithing Course? Check this out!

The other day I met a silversmith by the name of Jeffrey Larsen at SilverLiningz Jewelry. I was admiring his work when he reached out to me and told me about his Free jewelry making course and suggested I check it out! 

I signed up for his course and I knew I had to share it here on the blog. Jeff is an amazing Silversmith and Instructor, If you have been considering a new craft I definitely suggest you start here. The introductory class is completely free and you'll learn how to make a gorgeous ring! Check out the link below:


He really explains step by step what he does that works for him, and if you go through to his next course he will give you all his secrets. Which can be the most valuable asset in learning a new skill. I was stoked when I saw how well explained this course was.

Go check it out and feel free to send this blog post to any of your friends you know are looking to gain some insight into Silversmithing.

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