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So guys we took the plunge! We bought our very first RV and we are so stoked! After many months of searching through tons of campers, motorhomes - We finally found our perfect oasis! 24 foot home sweet home! We truly could not be happier with RV life style. For anyone that hasn't seen me post about this on instagram or twitter, We decided this past summer to become Full Time RVers! Our curiousity to go explore this beautiful planet, hand mine crystals and set up at events to sell our crystal babies and handmade creations is a dream of ours and to actually be living in our new home is so surreal.
Everything about Sacred Divination will remain the same, we will just be in different spots of the country while shipping out orders. Which also means different location brings in different crystal mines. You all be looking out for the array of crystal babies we will be bringing into shop.
I plan to write a new blog very soon about transitioning in RV lifestyle because it has definitely been a huge change and if any of my beautiful customers and friends are interested into RV life I would love to provide some info and thoughts for you all to consider! For now, Much Love & Brightest Blessings.
If you want to follow up with us and see us handmine the crystals we have available in shop, Find our new Travels Instagram @_thosethatwander_

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  • Amanda

    Congratulations! We have a campervan ourselves and are definitely considering living in it when our youngest grows up and flys the nest. 5 years to wait though.

    I too will be running my two businesses from my campervan. It’s going to be so much easier for you to see and pick out great gemstones if you can pick them in person on your various travels. From my own experience, ordering them online can be very hit and miss, you can’t really see what you’re purchasing properly :(



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