Holistic & Crystal Healing to Me,

I really started digging deeper into what exactly people meant when they said "Holistic Healing" about seven years ago. See, I didn't grow up through childhood with anyone that would have even recongnized that term. Although, pretty much self explanatory.. I was curious. I started to binge read all kinds of articles, watch tons of documentarys and meditate. What I was found was, These are Ancient Earth practices, they are not anything new. Most of the populations ancestors were attuned to Holistic Approaches to Healing. They all were deeply connected to Earth, had a fond, familiar feeling of community and respect. I began realizing that this wasn't just something to read. It must be felt, recongnized and experienced. I knew this was something I had to share with the world.

Holistic Healing to me, should never be the alternative. If there is a will, there is a way. I believe that we should always be focusing on metaphysical and organic herbal healing to remedy us. We have forgotten the beauty that Mother Earth has provided us with. Each crystal, herb, plant has it's own properties, uses and capabilities. Plants, beneficial to our lives. By honoring our connection to these things, we can self heal and heal others. 

To Share Love is to spread Peace, Something much needed in Our World as We Know it. That's exactly what Holistic healing is, to Me. Pure Love spread through many generations of indigenous, truth seekers and walkers. I plan to walk out this path, sharing knowledge and ideas..for myself, for this beautiful planet, for us.

Even with all of this said, I am legally obligated to state that I am not a doctor, and If you choose to learn and practice these teachings you are doing so at your own will.

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