Enjoy the Journey

"Enjoy the Journey"

It's always the simplest compilation of words that get me. I've heard this expression so many times in my life but I don't think I ever fully grasped the concept. Or maybe, I didn't have the patience to. I realize that I'm really beginning to now. Everywhere I go, or look I see such abundance of .. everything. Love, Hate, Gratitude, Kindness, Greed, Life, Death. It is all HAPPENING.

It's not about how fast you can get somewhere, It's about enjoying the journey now. No matter where we are headed, we're getting there. "Getting no where fast" Ever heard that expression? lol! Seems I am on an expression kick.

I think when we slow down just for a few minutes and really take it all in, We can begin to see that right here, right now is the time to be alive! We each are experiencing life on a totally, unique level. Isn't that amazing?

My point is, with all of this said.. We all have something beautiful to experience, witness and live. Life. It's as simple as that. Everything we truly, to the core want.. is being projected out of our mental and physical existence. What we feel worthy of, is what we are attracting. So why not ENJOY where we are? Instead of worry and resist. It's so simple, but so complex.

so here I am, thinking these thoughts frequently, day to day for several weeks..

aaaaand then, the synchronicities begin. I start picking up Gary Vaynerchuk videos, which if any of you have heard of him, he is a super dope, business inspo guy. He's constantly talking about Enjoying the process, which mind you, I've had every opportunity to dig into his videos but haven't slowed down enough to. Enjoy the Process he says, and I'm like.. wow, this is wild.

4 or 5 days ago we go to a store here in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Window shopping as usual lol, Austin goes to the restroom when I'm poking around looking at wall decor. A little tan, wooden block in white paint says " ENJOY THE JOURNEY" shows itself. You already know where this is going, yep definitely had to have it. So funny how this little $3 piece of wood can mean so much to me. Maybe it's inspiring something new for shop, hmm.

I can't ignore the signs, I mean.. literal signs. I know what it feels like, to not be able to immediately change - Oh trust me. But it seems here recently, it's been so much easier to see the bigger picture here. I'm beginning to become more attracted to the things that are here, right now that I am thankful for. I think I've figured something essential out - Enjoying the Journey NOW.. means, #goals are headed my way.

Happy & Humbled, With Love,


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