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Enjoy the Journey

"Enjoy the Journey" It's always the simplest compilation of words that get me. I've heard this expression so many times in my life but I don't think I ever fully grasped the concept. Or maybe, I didn't have the patience to. I realize that I'm really beginning to now. Everywhere I go, or look I see such abundance of .. everything. Love, Hate, Gratitude, Kindness, Greed, Life, Death. It is all HAPPENING. It's not about how fast you can get somewhere, It's about enjoying the journey now. No matter where we are headed, we're getting there. "Getting no where fast" Ever heard that expression? lol! Seems I am on an expression kick. I think when we slow down just for a few minutes...

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Want a FREE Silversmithing Course? Check this out!

The other day I met a silversmith by the name of Jeffrey Larsen at SilverLiningz Jewelry. I was admiring his work when he reached out to me and told me about his Free jewelry making course and suggested I check it out!  I signed up for his course and I knew I had to share it here on the blog. Jeff is an amazing Silversmith and Instructor, If you have been considering a new craft I definitely suggest you start here. The introductory class is completely free and you'll learn how to make a gorgeous ring! Check out the link below: He really explains step by step what he does that works for him, and if you go through to his next course he...

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8 Sure Fire Ways of Manifesting All Your Desires

We've all heard of "Reach out and grab your Dreams" but no one ever told us how. So out of my experience, I have gathered 8 ways to Manifesting everything you want in life. Write it Out. As simple as it sounds, it's actually one of the biggest steps in manifesting. We can actually see our goals in front of us in our own handwriting. Manifestation Wall. Visual representation of what we want is crucial. Print pictures, words, phrases anything that reminds you of your goals. Tack them to your wall, in front of your bed or somewhere you know you will see it - at least 10 times a day. The subconscious is a powerful tool. Prioritize. Ask yourself...

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Rv Life

So guys we took the plunge! We bought our very first RV and we are so stoked! After many months of searching through tons of campers, motorhomes - We finally found our perfect oasis! 24 foot home sweet home! We truly could not be happier with RV life style. For anyone that hasn't seen me post about this on instagram or twitter, We decided this past summer to become Full Time RVers! Our curiousity to go explore this beautiful planet, hand mine crystals and set up at events to sell our crystal babies and handmade creations is a dream of ours and to actually be living in our new home is so surreal. Everything about Sacred Divination will remain the same, we...

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Holistic & Crystal Healing to Me,

I really started digging deeper into what exactly people meant when they said "Holistic Healing" about seven years ago. See, I didn't grow up through childhood with anyone that would have even recongnized that term. Although, pretty much self explanatory.. I was curious. I started to binge read all kinds of articles, watch tons of documentarys and meditate. What I was found was, These are Ancient Earth practices, they are not anything new. Most of the populations ancestors were attuned to Holistic Approaches to Healing. They all were deeply connected to Earth, had a fond, familiar feeling of community and respect. I began realizing that this wasn't just something to read. It must be felt, recongnized and experienced. I knew...

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